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What Do You Understand By Reading the Graveyard Book of Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman is the author of the famous children’s fantasy novel known as The Graveyard Book. Neil Gaiman had won both the Carnegie and the Newbery medals for this novel. This was the second novel that Neil Gaiman had written after writing Coraline. The story deals with a boy whose name is Nobody Owens. This boy’s family was murdered brutally murdered and later he was adopted by the people of the graveyard that is the graveyard’s occupants and also raised by them.

In the beginning of the story it is seen that a person Jack has murdered the family of the boy named Nobody Owens who was just a toddler then. The murderer had left the little boy to his own self and had left. Later that little boy had crawled out of the house and climbed on to a hill where there exists a graveyard of which that small boy is totally unaware. The ghosts of the graveyard decide to keep the boy and take care of him. Two persons named Mr. and Mrs. Owens who were husband and wife consider keeping the baby and became the foster parents. After that the baby is named Nobody Owens. This is because he looked like nobody and he was given the freedom to the graveyard’s access. A man named Silas who was the caretaker provided for the baby and the murderer was persuaded to leave that baby alone.

This novel basically deals with the life of the child named Nobody and his graveyard adventures and also the adventures that happens outside the graveyard. He gets an imaginary friend in the form of a girl whose name is Scarlett Perkins. This girl plays an important role in the story because she goes missing in the story while in the middle of an adventure. When she is found she persuades her parents to move away to Scotland. During his adventure Nobody is once kidnapped by a group named Ghouls. He was later rescued by one of his tutors whose name is Miss Lupescu. This lady is considered to be the Hound of God. The baby had a friend named Elizabeth who was a witch. He later ditched this friend of his because she was a greedy girl. The story moves with a certain pace and is pleasing to read. Nobody once tried to go to a primary school because he loved to read but this was made impossible by two persons who always bullied him and thus he could not go to the school. This was done so that the child did not get a high profile in the society. Many years passed and it is found that the person named Jack who had killed Nobody’s parents had been searching for the child even though he was earlier persuaded by the ghosts of the graveyard to leave the child alone. The main reason for searching the boy was that he wanted to become the Jack of all trades by killing that boy and the story ends with a thrilling conclusion.

Simple Tips For Online AbsolutePoker Bankroll Management

These tips are simple but effective in helping players save their online absolutepoker bankroll. Though they are basic, many poker players in the thrill of the game often overlook them, but doing so will only result in poor poker bankroll management. So, read through and determine if you are guilty of any of these online poker bankroll mistakes and take immediate steps to rectify the situation for boosting your poker bankroll!

Don’t neglect human needs

Many absolutepoker players forget or neglect the basic human need for regular nourishment and timely physical rest for staying healthy and playing a good game. Sometimes, a poker session may turn out to be very long-drawn and this kind of playing requires endurance and patience, not to mention bodily nourishment for playing the best game. Thus, it is important to avoid staying hungry for long periods, as not eating properly can impair thinking, which can adversely affect the outcome of your poker game because hunger pangs only distract you from strategic thinking for winning games.

Keep comfort levels high

Unless you are comfortable in your poker gaming environment with the basic products and accessories to continue a strong game, like an ergonomically designed chair with proper back support, a good monitor, good quality mouse-pad with wrist support pad, high-speed internet connectivity etc. it is impossible to get consistently good results with your online poker game. Thus, keep your spine and wrist in proper alignment to maximize comfort levels during an online poker game and avoid carpal-tunnel syndrome – the bane of online gamers.

Regularly recharge your energy and take short breaks

You can end up losing valuable money from your absolutepoker download bankroll if you don’t take short breaks away from a game that is going nowhere or has tired you out mentally. Take a small energy drink or keep protein bars and shake mixes close to your gaming area so you can get up and fix a small power snack for recharging your energies. Then get back to the game with renewed vigor!

Remove any sort of mental distractions from your gaming zone

Try to meditate, practice deep breathing, listen to soothing music or just soundproof your room for playing the best poker game you can minus any mental distractions, tensions or interruptions. Do what you have to for getting in the optimum winning zone by positive talk and self-motivation to win.

Avoid alcohol or mood stimulators

Drugs, alcoholic drinks and other mood stimulators can alter your ability to take right decisions including poker gaming strategy, so these are best avoided when you want to think straight and play well and are focusing on building your bankroll! Simply put, avoid playing if you are hammered!

Bring in a tilt-kill integrator to your poker game and salvage your bankroll

This is the biggest bankroll threat in the absolutepoker world: tilt can be brought on by a mixed number of elements like a bad beat and even push advanced players into making hurried plays like huge bets, wrong raises and ill-timed calls. Whatever the reason for the tilt, unless you are Phil Ivey – the legend who is rarely tilted – pay attention to any signs for even the slight tilt and simply log off or take a break from your online poker game to save your bankroll.

Following the above rules will ensure you never go broke playing online poker!

Neil Gaiman Wins Hugo Award

Before starting with the fact that Neil Richard Gaiman had won the Hugo award we must know who this person really is. Neil Gaiman is a famous English author whose main focus was to write short fictional stories. He was also into writing graphic novels, films, comic books and audio theatre. Some of the well known work his include American Gods, The Sandman, Stardust and The Graveyard Book. This author has also won many awards for his work during his life time such as the Bram Stoker, Nebula and the Hugo award. Neil Gaiman was the first author who had won both the Newbery and the Carnegie award for his writing which no one has done earlier. His first work was published in the year 1990 when he completed his first novel known as Good Omens.

Neil Gaiman won the Hugo award for his book The Graveyard Book which is a novel based on a boy who was raised by a group of ghosts in the graveyard after his family was brutally murdered by a person named Jack. This book by Neil Gaiman had earlier won awards for the children’s fiction prize that is the Newbery award. The story is more of a deathly delight as reviewed by many other critics and they have also said that it is a great book to go through the three hundred pages. The Hugo award that Neil Gaiman got for The Graveyard Book was worth it. The characters in the book are very lively and the author has given a blend of imagination along with a taste of the country side in his book. The villains that are involved are really creepy and it adds to the mystery of the whole plot of the book. Earlier in 2006 Neil Gaiman had declined his nomination for the Hugo award because he had won this award three times earlier. There were other reasons too why he had not wanted his name on the nomination list for the Hugo award. He was of the belief that during 2006 the award should have gone to Anathem and not to him. After a major persuasion by Charles N Brown who was the editor-in-chief of Locus he decided to change his mind and go for the nominations. That was the year when Neil Gaiman won the Hugo award for the fourth time and this time it was for the novel The Graveyard Book. Due to his winning the Hugo award that year Scalzi could not win the award though he had a major chance of winning that award in the year of 2006.

Later in 2008 he started writing nonfiction books and one was on the general mythology of China. After that he wrote an adult book much to the contrast of The Graveyard Book which was totally written for the children. The works of Neil Gaiman are a unique collection because they have a wide variety which many authors fail to do. This is one of the primary why he has won four Hugo awards.

A “Graveyard” Trip with Neil Gaiman

One of the greatest children’s novels written by any author is The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. This was published first in the year 2008. The illustrations of this novel were given by Dave McKean. This book became very popular instantly and it won the Newbery award in the year 2009. The Graveyard Book has been translated in many other languages due to its popularity among the children. Though Neil Gaiman had written many other books in his life time the books Coraline and The Graveyard Book are the most well known ones. This author has also been involved in writing comic series and graphic novels of which The Sandman is the most famous.

The story of The Graveyard Book basically deals about a boy named Nobody who is an orphan because his parents were murdered by a person named Jack. The boy was raised by the people of the graveyard where he had crawled after his parents were murdered. The name Nobody was given by a dead couple who had become ghosts named Mr. and Mrs. Owens. They became his foster parents and a man who was the caretaker named Silas provided for the child. The idea of this book came from the concept of The Jungle Book. Also Neil Gaiman took ideas from his own childhood to write this book. But there is no relation of the orphan character in the book with him because Neil Gaiman was not an orphan in his childhood. And he was also not raised by the people of the graveyard. Just the fact that what a life of a child can be was taken from his childhood. Neil Gaiman has openly declared while taking the Newbery award that The Graveyard Book was inspired from several other stories and novels. The author had also said in his speech that as a child he had spent many hours in a graveyard and also had played there. Those were one of the happy times that he had spent in his life. After reading The Graveyard Book and knowing Neil Gaiman one can easily say that the character of the small boy Nobody Owens is a part of Neil Gaiman himself.

Neil Gaiman took almost two decades to get the plot of The Graveyard Book. In between he got bored with the idea of his book but finally he started writing and when it got published it became so famous that he got the Newbery and the Carnegie award for the same book which no one has ever done before him. If you are thinking whether to read this book or not then you can be rest assured that it not depress you. It is an absolutely entertaining book and it will give the children great fun. This is because it has ghosts, ghouls and many other intriguing characters in it that will keep you engaged for a long time even after you have finished reading. That is the specialty of this book and you should definitely try reading this one.

Famous Poker Authors

Most of the poker players learn their game via poker books and magazines. The huge surge of Texas Hold’em poker has made a number of famous poker players to write valuable texts on the game to help newbies. While numerous poker books repeat the same information, there are several books by some great authors which have proved to be a breakthrough for new players as well as for professionals. Here is a list of some famous poker authors and some of their worth mentioning books on poker:
Dan Harrington

Born on 6th December, 1945 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Dan Harrington is among the most successful poker players and his poker career is ranked as the most impressive all over the world. He has $7 million winnings in poker tournaments.

Harrington, along with the co-author Bill Robertie, wrote the most popular “Harrington on Hold’em” Series which comprises of three volumes. These books provide the best poker strategies available and this series is a must read for serious poker players.

Barry Greenstein

Born on 30th December, 1954 in Chicago, Illinois, Greenstein is a professional poker player who started playing poker at a very young age. In the year 2010, his total live tournament winnings exceeded $7 million.

In the year 2005, Barry Greenstein wrote a book named “Ace on the River’. This book not only talks about strategy but also talks about the experiences of a renowned poker player by his own eyes. The book is a quick, interesting read, and first step toward the pro player journey.

Doyle Brunson

The God father of poker, Doyle Brunson was born on 10th August, 1933 in America and his professional poker career is more than 50 years. He is the first player who earned $1 million in poker tournaments and is the winner of World Series of Poker bracelets all through his career.

Brunson wrote the book “Super System 2”, a sequel to Super System. The book gives basic knowledge on poker and is for beginners as well as professionals. Every poker player has something to learn from this book.

Dennis Purdy

Dennis Purdy is a successful poker game player and he has written a very famous book called “The Illustrated Guide to Texas Hold’em” in which he has shared his own experience of playing hold’em and the strategies he used. In his book he has given some informational essays in the start and then talked about the actual gameplay circumstances. This is a good book for beginners as it talks about fixed limit games.

Anthony Holden

Anthony Holden was born on 22nd May 1947. He has written several autobiographical books on poker, even though he is an English writer, critic, and a broadcaster.
His famous book called Big deal was published in the year 1990, and the book covers latest resurgence of interest in the poker game. The book targets Holden who is a British journalist and other authors of non-gambling books, and his decision to spend one year on professional poker tournament circuit.

Improving your skills by playing online poker

There are a few players that tend to have a natural knack and good intuition for the game. However, this does not mean that others cannot be successful at poker. Others can become professional players too by getting familiar with the game, learning the techniques and strategies as well as by constant practice and learning. Although some amount of intuition is necessary in poker, it is not the only skill that will decide the success level of a player. In fact, with the kind of resources that players have today it is possible for them to improve their skills considerably.

Practicing poker online

One of the easiest and the best methods to learn poker is by practicing for free on the internet at sites like pokerstar. Game lovers and poker enthusiasts from all over the world today play poker online. There are hundreds of sites today that offer different resources and methods of learning through articles, poker strategies as well as tips from professional players. Traditionally, signing up for a poker site and actually playing and learning is the most effective ways of learning the game. It is only through trial and error that players can learn this intricate game.

Understanding the basics

Traditionally, poker is played with a standard deck of cards between up to ten people. In the online world there are no physical cards used. Poker can be played for free or for real money. In poker home games, the stakes can be just about anything that the players want. In traditional land based casinos, chips of different colors are used for indicating different values to make it more organized. The main goal in the game is to get the strongest cards and to play it with confidence or to make others believe that you have the strongest cards through bluffing. The player that manages to come out at the top at showdown wins the pot. Of course, this is only a general outline of the game and there are several other rules and regulations to follow. The internet is one of the best places today to find learning resources for poker.

There are many good poker rooms today that encourage new players and help them learn the game. In order to attract new players and to encourage them to practice on their site, these poker rooms often provide free bankrolls and bonuses that the players can use during their practice. What this means is that the players would not have to play with their hard earned money during the initial stages and will be able to learn the game using the free money that is offered by the poker sites. These poker sites also offer articles and strategies as well as an outline of the basic games to help players understand the game better.

To conclude, poker is a game that can be learned and mastered through practice. The internet provides the resource and an easy way to practice for new players who are eager to learn.

Poker Books

Anybody who wishes to improve their poker game has to carry out some research on brushing up their skill level. The important part of improving your game is to read different books and magazines on poker.

The best books on poker strategy are well written and full of useful information to help you improve your game. A biography of Doyle Brunson, a famous poker player, can turn out to be really useful. Thus, it is important to know what exactly you are looking for, and what you actually need prior to choosing any book.

The first thing to consider while buying a book is that, the poker books serves as a guide to your playing and if it is not good enough you won’t be able to learn the game. Among some best books on poker include “Ace on the River” by the author Barry Greenstein. The book is full of the author’s own experiences and some tactics he use while playing poker. It is an outstanding book which can give you some great tips, however at times you need something more than what a book has to offer.

Looking out and purchasing best books on poker is not actually going to make you a professional player overnight, it takes time and a lot of practice to improve and learn the game. One thing that definitely helps is a poker training which is up to date. You may get this training from any good poker training book or can seek for training from poker masters.

You should not read any older book bought from an old book store or from an old library. This is because the tips and tactics of playing good poker is changing constantly and unless you read a latest book on poker you won’t be able to get any benefit out of it or in fact may worsen your game.

Another thing to consider while buying a poker books is your game level. If you are a novice in poker, you must go for books meant for beginners because such books explain everything from the ground level and provides such strategies and tactics which you can learn easily. However, if you are familiar with the basics and want to go for more advanced tactics, then there are books especially targeted for such people. They skip the basics and concentrate on professional strategies. Thus, you must define your level in poker while buying a poker book since a beginner book won’t help an advanced level player and vice versa.

Lastly, a good poker book usually has a famous player behind it. Someone who has a great deal of experiences to share can certainly help you in taking your game to next level. A very successful player of poker nowadays includes David Sklansky. Some of his famous books include, “Hold’em Poker”, “Hold’em Poker for Advanced Players”, and “Theory of Poker”. There are certainly numerous other books which can help you in learning poker and master it, all you are required is to carry out a bit research on which book best suits your playing level.

Rules Of Poker-A Real Quick View

Poker is a game that has many forms, and has it evolved slowly over decades into its present form. Normally, the rules that govern a Poker game are different for different games and casinos. The changes in the rules occur subtly, but the basic guidelines remain the same. The most accepted poker rules are those laid down by Bob Ciaffone, who was the author of the very first rule book, known as the bible of the Poker Players’ association. These rules, more commonly known as Robert’s rules, are followed widely and dictate the basic code of conduct and etiquette that a Poker player must abide by.

The code of conduct lays down the things you should not do in a room if you don’t want to get thrown out. No one should indulge in cheating by colluding with another player, physically or verbally abuse anyone, or create distractions in form of loud behavior. Cards should be handled with care, and no harm should come to the property or premises. No arms or illegal substances are to be carried in a Poker room.

Poker etiquette is the behavior you should maintain while playing the game in a Poker room. Don’t deliberately play out of turn, don’t splash chips deliberately. One should not check a hand when the third player is in an all-in position, or stack chips in order to block or hinder card viewing. Cell phones are also not to be used at a Poker table. If a poker player suspects that any unfair means have been used in the game, he should attract the attention of the supervisor at once. Any lapse of time may cause an all together different ruling to be give by the supervisor. Sometimes the game is allowed to continue even if a ruling is pending for decision.

Now let’s have a look at the common game rules that you will need to know as a beginner. There are many forms of Poker, as already mentioned, and many variations in those forms. If you learn four games of poker, namely Omaha Poker, Texas Hold’em, Seven Card Stud and Five Card Draw, you will have a good platform to rely on when learning the other, more unusual forms of the game.

If pokerstar rules are divided into categories then the first set of rules that should be discussed are the Draw Poker Rules. Here each player holds certain cards and are allowed to exchange some of the cards they hold for new ones. Some games allow three draws while some allow only one. These are community games and still have a large fan base in family gatherings. In stud poker games, each player is given a hand of cards after shuffling has been done. The winner is the one who has the best hand. There are about three to five rounds of betting that occurs in this form of the game. It is a slower version of poker than the Draw Poker games.

High-Low in Poker Tournaments: Flip-Flops the Game

High-low split is perhaps the most mechanical variant of poker. Despite this, it is also the most befuddling to players in a tournament structure. Tournament fields break down in to several player groups or types. The first group is the regular tournament “professionals” who play with great skill within the limited bankroll structure of tournaments.

A second group is “the specialists” who excel in one game, regardless of its format, whether ring or tournament. As their moniker implies, they play their specialty and almost nothing else. A third group is the “Game players,” also known as the “non-specialists who think they are specialists.” The play ring games reasonably well and possibly excel in a particular poker variant but simply put, have no understand of the different skills and the mindset required for tournament play.

You will find all three groups of players in a Limit Hold’em tournament but the high level of random luck involved gives all players a decent shot at scooping a couple of pots. In high-low, all like the “game players” as they are easy meat. No other variant of poker changes so much when you go from a ring game to a tournament. Even worse (or better) is that this variant will change even more during the tournament. If this were the Pacific Ocean, the game players are at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. They should just hand over their money and leave.

The basic ring game strategy also happens to be the best strategy for the first rounds (depending on the amount of chips you get). Once your survive the early killing frenzy that takes out the game players, everything changes unless you have a sufficient bank roll to play speculative hands that can scoop huge pots.

If you did not scoop, then your style has to change. In general, almost any player with an Ace showing will make a move at the pot and get away with it, so do not screw up in these situations, and play the high cards. The game players that made it will find themselves drawn in and played out with their 3-4-5 hand – normally very playable in a ring game. (If you have the bring-in with 3-4-5, and it goes to a full bet, calling the complete is usually the right call.

High-low split poker is fundamentally about sweeping the high “half” of the pot by scooping the pot. Speculative hands my get great odds but are hard to call through to the end where you either make or break the hand. Split kings are normally a miserable hand in a ring game but line the road to tournament victory.

High low poker in tournaments will not only test your skills and poker logic like other tournaments. It will also test your ability to adapt and thrive or simply die. I may be oversimplifying it here, but I am trying to give the game players a hand: Play low cards early, and play high cards late.